Made from Girders

I am extremely proud of Made from Girders, a collaboration with photographer Alan McCredie and published by Luath Press.

It’s OUR bridge.

Scotland’s famous Forth Bridge spans more than a body of water. It connects centuries, communities, land and sea, past and present.

However, beyond the famous red struts and lattices lies a varied and lively community, every bit as interconnected and interdependent as the girders of the bridge itself. Just like the six-and-a-half million rivets holding the Forth Bridge together, there are countless points of contact between the people who form the Forth Bridge community in its widest sense: engineers and environmentalists, managers, model makers, construction workers, campaigners, tour guides and train drivers.

Writer Barbara Henderson and photographer Alan McCredie lift the curtain on the people who work on the bridge, promote the bridge, protect the bridge, live by it, or play a significant part in its story.

One sentiment unites them all.

In one way or another, they all claim ‘the Bridge’ as their own.

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