I love writing!



I’m probably most proud of my novels for children, especially Fir for Luck which came out in 2016. There is something else in the pipeline for this year which I am really excited about. More very soon!

As for my current work in progress, I am editing a Victorian children’s novel and have also begun the research stage for a Jacobite novel for young people. 

However, there are many more unpublished manuscripts in my drawer.

I had a go turning some of them into Twitter pitches. See what you think of these:


 Middle Grade Fiction

  • Fir for Luck: Local Hero meets Les Mis: Unlikely lone rebel Janet (12) defies village clearance order. Cue riots, regiments and ruin. Historical MG

  • The Dog-walking Consortium:  101 Dalmatians meets Young Sherlock: Dog-phobic boy sleuth battles bloodhounds, burglars and bullies in pursuit of town’s secrets

  • The Cotton Wool Puppeteer: Starting high school, Lucas badly needs to make friends – the right kind. Wheelchair-bound Fergus is top of his list – to AVOID! MG

  • Wilderness Wars: Nature is on the warpath! Can Em make her dad abandon his Hebridean building project before it’s too late? MG eco thriller: What if NATURE FIGHTS BACK?

  •  The Hedge Chronicles: MG soap opera featuring regular cast of garden birds. Chapter book series

  •  Run, Charlie Quigley: Can closet culinary genius Charlie (9) finally go from fool to cool? Humorous MG chapter book series

Picture Book Texts

  • Don’t be Seen! ‘Don’t be seen’ is monster law. Easier said than done if your skin is bright red tartan. Fun PB take on the Nessie myth

  • Let battle commence in the War of the Weeds! Scottish rival green-fingered neighbours turn to sabotage – with hilarious results. PB

A Wee Selection of Short Stories

  • My short story Try Tomorrow was published by Litro Magazine online earlier this month. It’s a reverse refugee scenario and I was quite pleased with it. Find it here.

  • My short story ‘Onwards’ was longlisted for the HISSAC short story competition 2015.

  • I love writing short fiction as it gives you a relatively quick sense of achievement. I have two short stories awaiting publication in Pockets Magazine US, and several under consideration.

  • One of my very first short stories won the Nairn Festival short story competition in 2012.

  • My short story ‘Sawney Sea’ won the Ballantrae Smugglers Festival  Short Story Competition in 2015. I am still determined to turn that one into a novel one day – I’m quite fond of it!


  • I constantly write and devise Drama with my pupils at school. I particularly enjoy writing for puppetry performances as the audiences are least inhibited there and you get an instant response to your writing. You can find a free script here, just to give you a flavour.

  • I was a winner of the Creative Scotland Easter Monologue competition, seeing my work performed in front of an audience several hundred strong in Princes Street Gardens, Edinburgh. Still one of the best days of my life!


So there you have it – a flavour of my writing. Thanks for reading!


My monologue is performed as part of CrossWords, an Open Air Easter play, Edinburgh, 2013